Cinema for gender equality and women empowerment


We bring cinema everywhere!

CinematograFica raises awareness on gender issues and works towards the elimination of violence through film screenings, ad hoc workshops and insights. We endorse and screen independent audio-visual productions, movies by women directors and people from minority groups.

CinematograFica rules.

How we change the rules:

Movies and Talks

We participate in cultural festivals and talks on feminisms and gender topics. Cinema is our tool for building new imaginaries.

Labs and Workshops

We facilitate the networking between specialists of the production and distribution secto within the cinema industry. We support and foster the visibility, circulation and production of independent films that portray reality from a feminist perspective.


We work in the educational field screening thematic films and developing interactive activities and workshops for all ages. Education on gender issues, equal rights and prevention of gender based violence starts at school!


We collaborate with INGOs, NGOs and civil society organizations, activist groups and local and international realities sharing skills and fights. We collectively imagine sustainable communities and we take care of them!

CinematograFica - MaiMute

Do you want to build a feminist space together with us?

CinematograFica organizes film screenings, workshops customized by topic, age and context, and moments of collective in-depth debate on gender issues, in Italy and all over the world.


Gender equality and women’s empowerment

Through cinema, workshops, activities and networking, in collaboration with schools, INGOs, NGOs, civil society organizations and humanitarian and development projects 

We bring our expertise inside humanitarian and emergency projects that work for the elimination of gender-based violence and gender discrimination.

We use the language of cinema as our way to talk about gender rights and feminisms.

Follow the empowerment.

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Iniziativa realizzata nell’ambito del Piano Nazionale Cinema e Immagini per la Scuola promosso da MiC e MiM

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